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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is based on the questions that we receive in email. If you have a question that is not answered here, send your email directly to the mailing list.


Who is responsible for this code?

We are. That is, Linux users with Wacom tablets are responsible for the development of this code. John Joganic took up the code in November of 2002 and created this project. The source code was written by at least two dozen individuals, most of them are not directly involved in the project any more. I, Ping Cheng, have assumed the project administrator since 2003. What I ask of you, is to use the drivers and report the problems you encounter.

Is my tablet supported? What about my special stylus?

The main page contains a list of all tablets that are known to be supported.

Why does my cursor move randomly or stay at the top-left cornor?

If you use a USB tablet, it is most probably because you didn't configure the X driver properly. Please refer to Mouse1 for solutions.

If it happens to a serial tablet, please post your problem at general discussion

How do I get the special features of my stylus to work?

There are many different types of styli, mice, and pucks. All of them work to varying degrees. So if you are running into trouble, post a message to the mailing list.

Note, tilt is only supported with protocol V tablets, which include Intuos series and Cintiq 21UX/20WSX/12WX to date (May. 04, 2011). Any other tablets don't have tilt no matter you have the tilt option in your xorg.conf or not.

Is hot plug supported for X intput devices?

X Intput Device Hotplug is not fullly supported at Xorg yet. But, Wacom X driver has implemented a workaround for those who have to unplug/replug the tablet while X is running. To make your tablet work without restarting X server, please switch your virtual terminals after replug your tablet. That is, press Ctrl + Alt + F1 together then release them (screen turns to console); and press Ctrl + Alt + F7 together then release them (screen returns back to normal).

Another workaround made by Aristeu is available at wdaemon. The email message related to this solution can be found at Tablet Hotplugging.

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