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Step 1 - Are you using the correct software?

The following configuration is known to work on various platforms. Additionally, the production release recognize and work with all known Wacom tablets.

  • Kernel: 2.6.16 and up, preferably 2.6.24 or up
  • X Server: XFree86 4.2 and up or Xorg 6.8 and up (keystrokes and modifiers are only supported for Xorg 6.8 or later)
  • linuxwacom: linuxwacom-0.9.5

Step 2 - Have you read the appropriate HOWTO?

The HOWTO is a bit long, but it is comprehensive. If you cannot get your tablet working after going through the entire thing, please let me know so we can update it to better handle your situation.

Step 3 - Who is taking control?

If you are running an USB tablet, you need to read the pages at The USB Kernel Driver to see if your tablet is under Wacom driver's control or not.

Step 4 - Have you tested your tablet's output with wacdump?

The wacdump diagnostic program helps determine whether your tablet is working correctly, partially, or not at all.

Step 5 - Have you tested X's output with xidump?

The xidump diagnostic program shows you exactly what programs like gimp and gsumi are receiving from the XInput subsystem. If gimp is behaving strangely, xidump can tell you if the pressure values are out-of-range, or which buttons are actually pressed and when.

Step 6 - Have you checked the online resources?

There is an FAQ for some of the more general questions. Certainly, you've already been there. There are three mailing lists, including archives. They are linuxwacom-announce, linuxwacom-devel, and linuxwacom-discuss. SourceForge also provides the ability to track bugs and request features. Please report bugs, post feature requests, and commit patches so we can keep track of them and prioritize the development. Forums are available on SourceForge, but the preferred way to be heard is through the linuxwacom-discuss mailing list.

Step 7 - Totally and Completely Stumped?

Send me email, and I'll see what I can do. Please include the word WACOM in the subject field so I can sort it out of the mess that in my inbox. Generally, you will get a faster response (from me even), if you post to the linuxwacom-discuss mailing list.

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