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13.10 - Laptop Suspend/Resume Tips

Thomas Netter (tnetter at iniDOTunizhDOTc) kindly provided a solution to the following problem:
When laptop recovers from suspend/resume, XFree86/ no longer
registers the tablet.  The laptop, however, receives all the tablet data 
(I can "cat /dev/input/event2" and see the data).

The only way I know for X to recover the tablet is to restart X.
The peoblem lies in the step that when unplugging tablet cable while the laptop is entering Suspend Mode. The proper steps to plug/unplug, suspend/resume a Wacom tablet on a laptop are:
- Fold the laptop's screen
- Wait 4 or 5 seconds for the tablet's orange LED to extinguish
- Unplug the tablet's USB cable

THEN you can recover the tablet functionalities after resuming the
laptop and repluging the tablet.

However, If you:
- Fold the laptop's screen
- Immediately unplug the tablet's USB cable before the LED extinguishes

THEN you cannot recover the tablet functionalities after resuming the
laptop and replugging the tablet, even if you replug the tablet before 
resuming the laptop.

Therefore, old airline operations apply: Extinguish LEDs before take-off!


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