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3.6 - Loading the wacom Driver

For Kernel 2.6.x, replace wacom.o with wacom.ko where it is used.

If you have installed the driver, now is the time to test whether it will load when needed. If you have not installed it, but are instead using insmod, substitute insmod mydir/src/wacom.o where you see modprobe wacom below. It is important that you use the correct wacom.o file, the one you just built, since insmod may load the old driver if it cannot find the one you have specified.

[jej@ayukawa usb]# rmmod wacom
[jej@ayukawa usb]# modprobe usb-uhci      (or usb-ohci)
[jej@ayukawa usb]# modprobe input
[jej@ayukawa usb]# modprobe mousedev
[jej@ayukawa usb]# modprobe wacom         (or insmod mydir/src/wacom.o)
[jej@ayukawa usb]# modprobe evdev

Check the system log for status messages pertaining to the wacom. Here's a copy of the messages from my version of the driver.

[jej@ayukawa usb]# grep -i wacom /var/log/messages | tail
Jan 21 21:23:35 ayukawa kernel: usb.c: registered new driver wacom
Jan 21 21:23:35 ayukawa kernel: wacom.c: v1.43-0.9.5 Vojtech Pavlik <>
Jan 21 21:23:35 ayukawa kernel: wacom.c: USB Wacom Graphire and Wacom Intuos tablet driver (MODIFIED)

The original driver was version 1.43. This version number is 1.43-0.9.5 so the correct driver was loaded.

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