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13.9 - Building wacom driver On Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit system

The steps on this page are taken from the following posts:- #22 #104 Section 1 #176

Craig Stevens summarized the steps below for his Wacom Intuos4 M on a 64-bit Ubuntu 9.04 (Aug. 26, 2009). Craig also wanted to credit Favux and Eric Honaker for their help. If you have any problems or questions, please post them to
Process from start to finish:-

   1. Installed "wacom-tools" and "xserver-xorg-input-wacom" using synaptic.
   2. "cd ./Desktop"
   3. "wget"
   4. "sudo apt-get update"
   5. "sudo apt-get install build-essential libx11-dev libxi-dev x11proto-input-dev xserver-xorg-dev tk8.4-dev tcl8.4-dev libncurses5-dev"
   6. "sudo apt-get upgrade"
   7. Then got the kernal version with: "uname -r" (needed in steps 8 and 14)
   8. I had the generic kernel so:
	"sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic" 
		(or it would have been: "sudo apt-get install linux-headers-rt for the rt kernel")
   9. "tar xjvf linuxwacom-0.8.4.tar.bz2"
  10. "cd linuxwacom-0.8.4"
  11. "./configure --enable-wacom"
  12. "make"
  13. "sudo make install"
  14. Then copied the wacom.ko built in step 12 over the existing one in lib/modules..., 
	"sudo cp ./src/2.6.28/wacom.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/input/tablet/wacom.ko" 
		where `uname -r` is the kernel version from step 7.
  15. Changed /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/20thirdparty/10-wacom.fdi for a new one attached to #176 which clearly explains the procedure 
		(just swapping out the file contents in a text editor, after backing up!)
  16. In a text editor added the line "wacom" to the end of the /etc/modules file
  17. Rebooted and it worked.
This has got the tablet as far as working like a mouse in Ubuntu Gnome desktop and also working in Photoshop in XP on a VirtualBox VM. The Touch Ring zooms in Firefox.

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