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13.2 - Building xsetwacom

Building xsetwacom

xsetwacom uses to communicate with Wacom X (XFree86 or Xorg) driver, wacom_drv.(s)o. So, should be built and installed. relies on Xlib. In the configure script, it will default the Xlib path to /usr/X11R6 or /usr/lib (/usr/X11R6/lib64 or /usr/lib64 if --enable-xserver64 option is set) by checking the existence of xf86Version.h. If your Xlib is not installed under /usr/X11R6 or /usr/lib, you'll need to specify the path (dir) by --with-xlib=dir. Let's see what we get from configure:

[jej@ayukawa linuxwacom]$./configure
       architecture - i586-suse-linux
       linux kernel - yes 2.6.24
  module versioning - no 
      kernel source - yes /lib/modules/
     XFree86 source - no 
           Xorg SDK - yes /usr/include/xorg
          XSERVER64 - no
           dlloader - yes
               XLib - yes /usr/lib
         xf86config - no
                TCL - yes /usr/include
                 TK - yes /usr/include
            ncurses - yes

            wacom.o - no
            wacdump - yes 
             xidump - yes 
        libwacomcfg - yes
         libwacomxi - yes
          xsetwacom - yes
          wacomxrrd - yes
              hid.o - no - yes /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input 
        wacom_drv.o - no
  wacom*_drv quirks - hal libc-wrapper tablet-screen-scaling IsXExtensionPointer key-events dixScreenOrigins Uninit-called

As shown above, the build options indicate that libwacomcfg and xsetwacom will be built. If not, then scroll back through the configuration to see if there are any errors or warnings that would explain the issue.

Next, run make. The output will be stored in the linuxwacom package's src/util and src/util/.libs directory. They will be installed by running make install (you need to switch to superuser to run this command).

If wacom_drv.(s)o was running while installing xsetwacom, xsetwacom can be launched immediately after make install and exit.

If wacom_drv.o is installed by the same make install as xsetwacom is, restarting X server is required to use the newly built wacom_drv.(s)o. We strongly recommand to build and install wacom_drv.(s)o and xsetwacom from the same release package since the out of sync wacom_drv.(s)o and xsetwacom may crash your X server.

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