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xf86-input-wacom supports a number of button actions - sequences of button or key presses that are sent whenever the matching physical button changes state. The properties that configure these actions are:

  • "Wacom Button Actions" defines the actions for the physical buttons on the tool, in-order.
  • "Wacom Wheel Buttons" defines the actions for the wheels (if any) on the tool
  • "Wacom Strip Buttons" defines the actions for the strips (if any) on the tool

Property layout

The three properties work in the same manner. Each property is a list of Atoms that represent the matching physical button (or move action for strips/wheels). The Atom must refer to a property on the same device and contains the sequence of events. The actual events are encoded in the following format:

Tip: The button number is the physical button number. Any logical button mapping (e.g. left-handedness) applies on top of the action.

  • key press of keycode n: AC_KEY | AC_KEYBTNPRESS | n
  • key release of keycode n: AC_KEY | n
  • button press of button n: AC_BUTTON | AC_KEYBTNPRESS | n
  • button release of button n: AC_BUTTON| n

Thus, to set the first button on the pad to send a button 10 event, one must first create a property (e.g. "button 1 action") and set it to the value AC_KEY | AC_KEYBTNPRESS | 10. Let's say this property has the Atom 234. The first value of the "Wacom Button Actions" property must then be set to the value 234. The driver keeps track of which buttons were not released at the end of the action sequence and releases those buttons whenever the physical button is released.


To manually do this, the following commands can be used:

 $> xinput set-prop "Wacom ISDv4 E6 Pen stylus" "button 1 action" --format=32 --type=int 1572874 # AC_BUTTON|AC_KEYBTNPRESS|10
 $> xinput list-props "Wacom ISDv4 E6 Pen stylus" | grep "button 1 action"
	button 1 action (568):	1572874
 $> xinput set-prop "Wacom ISDv4 E6 Pen stylus" "Wacom Button Actions" 568 0 0 0 0 0 0

xsetwacom provides a convenience interface that does not require manual property creation.

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