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For working tablet support, you need two vital pieces installed on your machine. A kernel driver that recognises the tablet and understands the hardware protocol, and an X driver that allows X to use the device.

X driver development

xf86-input-wacom is in a git repository. To develop, the following steps are required:

 git clone git://linuxwacom.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/linuxwacom/xf86-input-wacom
 ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr

For more information on these steps, see

Developing for linuxwacom

linuxwacom is a collection of backports for both older kernels and older X servers. The linuxwacom repository is maintained in CVS and releases are made regularly. If you want to propose a patch, please follow the instructions here

Kernel driver development

For Wacom kernel driver development, please submit your patches to the Linux Kernel Developers Mailing List. Only patches that appear in the upstream kernel will be appear in distributions and thus ensure tablets will be working out-of-the-box with future releases of your distribution.

FIXME more information needed here.

Note that kernel patches integrated into the linuxwacom tarball usually do not find their way upstream and thus need to be re-implemented or forward-ported for future kernels. Additionally, kernel patches in linuxwacom are not shipped by any major distribution. Any kernel developer is encouraged to work on the upstream kernel instead.

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