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The MobileStudio Pro is a series of tablet PCs created by Wacom. This series is the successor to their older Cintiq Companion line.


Model Number Model Name CPU RAM GPU VRAM Disk Other features
DTH-W1320 Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13" Intel Core i5 4 GB DDR3 Intel Iris Graphics 550 64 GB SSD
8 GB DDR3 128 GB SSD
Intel Core i7 256 GB SSD
16 GB DDR3 512 GB SSD Intel RealSense 3D Camera
DTH-W1320 Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16" Intel Core i5 8 GB DDR3 NVIDIA Quadro M600M 2 GB GDDR5 256 GB SSD
Intel Core i7 16 GB DDR3 NVIDIA Quadro M1000M 4 GB GDDR5 512 GB SSD Intel RealSense 3D Camera

Known Linux Issues

  • Random reboots have been experienced by multiple users, but the cause is not yet known. It appears to be related in some way to power management and CPU/GPU load. Possible bug 1, possible bug 2.
  • Bluetooth connections may be interrupted after connecting to a wifi network (Twitter suggestion).
  • The front-facing camera and rear-facing RealSense cameras are both USB connected and seem to work under Linux, but the rear-facing camera on models without RealSense are not detected by the kernel (Twitter thread).
  • The volume buttons do not work (Kernel.org Bug #197991).


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