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2-16-11 re:2-15-11 entries

  • Template: Unclear "Having model-specific scripts like .xsetwacom.sh is a temporary hack and needs to be stated as such"

This section requires additional work. Please help to address the issues below:

  • Who wrote these scripts?
  • What values differ from the defaults?

Addressed issues with: The following scripts were authored by Favux. Where co-developed with others they are cited in the relevant script. All or almost all of the values are the defaults with the default stated and the appropriate range given. The exception being the pad (tablet buttons). Examples are shown of how to configure those for different uses in different applications. The scripts are intended to provide you with a framework to configure your settings in a text file rather than at the command line, with similar results to what the wacomcpl gui would have produced.

Similar entries also made to Wacom Tablet Configuration and Waltop Tablet Setup. - Favux

- Favux, please collect these scripts (or a few of them anyway) and send them to the devel list. They seriously need review. Whot 05:08, 22 February 2011 (UTC)
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