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This section requires additional work. Please help to address the issues below:

  • Why is this here? Other than the options, this isn't waltop-specific and can be moved to a separate page

2-15-11 So far Waltop's only need to configure the stylus and two stylus buttons. Didn't see the point in overloading them with a lot of non-relevant Wacom script sections.

Defaults are used on all the scripts except for pad. The idea is a text file based framework to in effect duplicate wacomcpl's gui.

The only issue the Waltops are having with with 2.6.35, Xorg 1.9, and xf86-input-wacom 0.10.8 is both stylus buttons have the same value. xsetwacom does not allow them to set one to right click and the other to middle click. They're both right click or middle click. The very earliest reporters said they could, so this may be a kernel issue (kernel update). - Favux

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