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This page lists a set of guidelines for how to edit the wiki to keep it informative and easy-to navigate.


How to get involved

In order to edit this wiki, you need a sourceforge account and notify the Maintainers of this project to give you editor rights on the wiki.

What to add

We use a wiki to make it easy to add and maintain information on the wiki. But information on websites goes stale fast when the codebase moves (and the wacom drivers move fast). Stale information means users won't find what they need or what they find won't work. And that defeats the purpose of having the wiki. Be conservative in what you add and make sure that the information is correct and will remain correct for the immediate future.

What not to add

  • Do not add hacks or other tricks that happen to work on your computer. Chances are high the hack isn't upstream because it only works on a few devices, will stop working soon or is the wrong approach altogether.
  • Extensive parameter/option documentation: this belongs into man pages so it can be updated when the code updates.

Use of Categories

mediawiki has a feature called Categories to group pages. Each page can be part of zero, one or more categories. We currently use the following categories:

If you are adding or editing a page, please make sure it is part of the appropriate category.

On adding code to this wiki

Do not add code to this wiki. This includes scripts as well as actual source code. Send the code snippets to the linuxwacom-devel mailing list first so it can be reviewed by a developer and only then add it.

Many scripts and workarounds only work on certain combinations of the driver, a kernel, and X server. Adding a script to this website without taking this into account means users will not find the right solution if they don't have that exact same solution.

On external programs

This wiki is not a wiki for external programs. If an external program is required or useful for configuration, feel free to add the wacom-specific part to this wiki. Do not add build instructions for the external program but instead link to the project-specific page where these build instructions are found. If the project doesn't have any, contact the developers of that project to add it to their website. External programs change and wiki content can go stale quickly.

Always add the date and the version of the software you have been been using so users know how old information is.

Sections that need work

The Category:Fixme page has a list of all pages that require extra work.

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