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For your tablet to work, two pieces are needed: a kernel driver and a X11 driver. Please read our history for a better understanding of the difference between xf86-input-wacom and the legacy linuxwacom.

Tip: On modern desktop distributions, you do not need the kernel or X drivers in the linuxwacom tarball.

Kernel drivers

The kernel driver is responsible for understanding hardware-specific protocols and translating their data into standard kernel input events. These events can then easily be read by user-space applications (such as our X11 driver, or evtest) without requiring much hardware-specific knowledge.

Our patches to support Wacom devices are provided upstream to the Linux kernel developers for integration into the official releases at kernel.org. These changes will usually feed back into your distribution's kernel. We recommend that you first try to update your kernel through your distribution's mechanisms. If you already have the newest kernel available for your distribution, backported kernel drivers are below.

To determine your kernel version, open a terminal and run the followin command: uname -r

Linux Kernel Download (if your distribution does not support the device)
2.6.26 - Current input-wacom (running Xorg server 1.7 or later)
2.6.16 - 2.6.30 linuxwacom (running Xorg server older than 1.7)

X11 drivers

The X driver is responsible for translating the input events generated by the kernel driver into XInput events that the X server can understand and relay to running applications. It is also responsible for virtualizing the single hardware device to appear as multiple logical devices (e.g. stylus, eraser, touch). This grants applications like GIMP access to extended functionality like pressure and high-resolution coordinates.

Distributions usually already ship a version of the X11 driver in their repositories. We recommend that you first try to update through your distribution's mechanisms. If you require an even more up-to-date version, the latest X11 drivers are below.

To determine your XOrg server version, open a terminal and run the following command: X -version

XOrg Server Download
1.7 - CURRENT xf86-input-wacom
1.4 - 1.6 linuxwacom


The following links may be of interest to some users. Please be aware that some links may be to projects which are neither developed nor supported by the Linux Wacom Project.

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