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This page is a list of external applications that interface with the wacom driver in one way or another.




CellWriter is a grid-entry natural handwriting input panel. As you write characters into the cells, your writing is instantly recognized at the character level. When you press Enter on the panel, the input you entered is sent to the currently focused application as if typed on the keyboard. It also toggles to an on-screen keyboard. You distribution should offer it in its package manager. Located at: http://risujin.org/cellwriter/ and at: http://code.google.com/p/cellwriter/

Magick Rotation

Magick Rotation is a Python GTK app. that supports automatic rotation for Dell, HP, and Lenovo tablet PCs. It's located on Launchpad at: https://launchpad.net/magick-rotation


The xinput_calibrator is a generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org. It's located at freedesktop.org: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/xinput_calibrator

Graphical Configuration Tools


  • gnome-settings-daemon already supports several wacom-related gsettings keys for configuration. This includes hotplugging support so that the configuration options are applied both after login and whenever a tablet is plugged in.


wacomcpl was a Tcl/Tk-based GUI tool shipped as part of the linuxwacom tarball. It is now unsupported and does not work with xf86-input-wacom. The design of wacomcpl is not suited to hotplugging and it will not be updated. Since wacomcpl does not integrate with any desktop environment, any work on wacomcpl is a dead end. Do not work on wacomcpl, invest your efforts on integrating wacom support in your desktop environment instead.

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