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The driver features a built-in test suite for white box testing. Simply running

 make check

will compile and run the tests.

How it works

All test are located in the test/ directory and they re-use the driver sources. The setup is rather special as we want to test functions in the driver that are declared static (and thus not accessible from outside).

Thus, the environment is set up that the keywork static is undefined on compilation. This will generate a number of warnings on compilation time but the resulting object files will have any symbol accessible.

However, the disadvantage is that we cannot use the static keyword in tests, especially not for variables.

Writing a test

Tip: Writing tests can be painful but they beat restarting X for quick input/output testing. Over time, the time spent writing tests pays off easily.

To write a new test, look at test/wacom-tests.c and take guidance from there. The basic approach is to add simply call the test function from main(). Prefix all test functions with test.

The test function itself must set up the required environment and then call the actual functions to test. Afterwards, use assert to ensure the right values are returned.

static void

  ... do some setup here

  othervalue = wcm_some_function(somevalue);
  assert(somevalue > othervalue);
  assert(othervalue >= 0);
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