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The OpenSolaris project used to have a wiki page that included a set of patches to get our X11 driver working with their STREAMS kernel module (ported from the FreeBSD uwacom driver). With the demise of OpenSolaris, this wiki was taken offline, rendering the patches inaccessible. While this project's primary concern is supporting the Linux operating system, it is a disservice to users of OpenSolaris/Illumos to have these patches simply disappear. To remedy this, 'solaris' branches for these patches have added to both the linuxwacom and xf86-input-wacom repositories.

Solaris Support


  • Kernel STREAMS module was integrated into snv_132.
  • X.org Wacom Tablet driver and tools (see http://linuxwacom.sf.net )
    • v0.8.4: works on OpenSolaris snv_115 - snv_129.
    • v0.10.4: works on OpenSolaris snv_130.


Source code and patches

  • kernel STREAMS module: usbwcm
  • X.org Wacom Tablet driver and tools

Known Problems

  • OpenSolaris builds before snv_115:
    • Not tested.
    • HAL input device support was not integrated until snv_115.
    • The Wacom X.org XInput driver v0.8.4-4 may comiple with our patch, but Wacom USB tablets will not be listed in HAL device list. You need to edit xorg.conf to make your tablets working.
  • OpenSolaris builds since snv_130:
    • Please use X.org Wacom Tablet driver and tools v0.10.4.
    • We will contribute our modifications for Solaris porting back into the upstream.


  • Wacom website: [1]
  • FreeBSD uwacom driver [2]

Supported Hardware and Platform

  • Devices supported
    • Wacom Graphire3
    • Wacom Graphire4
    • Wacom Bamboo
    • Wacom Bamboo Fun
    • Wacom Intuos3
    • Wacom Intuos4
    • Wacom Cintiq 21UX
  • Tested platforms
    • x86 and SPARC
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